Monday, 25 February 2013

Ron Sexsmith - Forever Endeavour Review by Terry Kelly

Ron Sexsmith

Forever Endeavour
(Cooking Vinyl)

CANADIAN songsmith Ron Sexsmith specialises in finely calibrated musical melancholia.

His latest album sees him reuniting with producer Mitchell Froom for a collection of songs carrying a considerable emotional punch.

But while the subject matter of the new album is often weighty - including his own mortality after a recent health scare and past misdemeanors - the songs are blessed with Sexsmith's trademark strong melodies and haunting vocal style.

Although the opening two songs both contain the word "nowhere" in their titles, the talented Canadian knows exactly where he's going in his latest offering, with Lost In Thought and If Only Avenue being the equal of anything in his fine back catalogue.

Deepens With Time, meanwhile, is even better and destined to become a Sexsmith standard.

But most of Forever Endeavour feels like a newly-minted classic.


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  1. All you see is the ground, and there’s nowhere to go but down

    This is my interpretation of Nowhere To Go (Ron Sexsmith