Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Keith Crombie of the Newcastle Jazz Cafe: a tribute on film

This is Duncan Davis's tribute to his friend Keith Crombie.

Keith Crombie created a tiny piece of Paris in Pink Lane, a small back street in Newcastle upon Tyne. His Jazz Cafe became a haven for music lovers, artists, students and eccentrics. 

Many famous actors visiting the town would unwind there after a performance at one of the cities theatres and some of the worlds greatest jazz musicians would congregate there after an official gig in the area.

Film maker Duncan Davis, a friend of Keith Crombie for 35 years, felt that the Jazz Cafe needed to be recorded.

Unfortunately Crombie died during filming,

Newcastle came to a standstill as his friends joined him on his last journey from Pink Lane, through the centre of the city, a tiny bit of which he transformed into a Parisian Jazz Cafe...

Film by Duncan Davis

Look out for Len Flynn, the genial barman from The Crown Posada!


  1. With a guest appearance by super snapper Charlie Hedley!

  2. He's like Paul Newman in The Verdict!