Friday, 28 December 2012

Johnny Cash in a box...

Johnny Cash - Complete Columbia Albums Collection
Representing the entirety of the musical performances released by the Man in Black on Columbia Records during his lifetime, JOHNNY CASH: THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION is a 63-CD treasure trove that will appeal equally to longtime Cash followers, as well as new¬comers to his timeless body of music. Featuring 59 original album titles Cash recorded for Columbia, from 1958’s The Fabulous Johnny Cash through the two Highwayman albums of 1985 and 1990 (with Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson), JOHNNY CASH: THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION shows Cash in command of his country & western and gospel roots, as well as the blues, straight-ahead rock and roll, traditional balladry and folk music he loved so dearly, and much more.

The box set includes:
  • 59 Columbia albums plus two new supplemental compilations make this the all-time, hands-down granddaddy of all Johnny Cash collections, period.
  • 35 titles released for the first time on CD by Columbia/Legacy in the U.S.
  • The first 19 chronological titles released in monaural (mono) sound for the first time on CD in the U.S.
  • Each title is packaged in a LP-replica mini jacket with its original artwork
  • The accompanying booklet includes a definitive 5,000-word liner notes essay by music historian and author Rich Kienzle.
  • Also included in the booklet is complete and extensive discographical information (songwriters, recording dates and cities, musicians, guest performers, producers, release dates, original catalog numbers and Billboard chart numbers for albums and single tracks, and more).
Disc listing:
Disc #TitleRec.Rel.
1The Fabulous Johnny Cash 19581958
2Hymns By Johnny Cash 1958-591959
3Songs Of Our Soil 1958-591959
4Now There Was A Song19601960
5Ride This Train 1959-601960
6Hymns From The Heart 19611961
7The Sound Of Johnny Cash 1961-621962
8Blood, Sweat And Tears 19621962
9Ring Of Fire: The Best Of Johnny Cash 1958-631963
10The Christmas Spirit 1959-631963
11Keep On The Sunny Side by the Carter Family 19631963
12I Walk The Line 1963-641964
13Bitter Tears: Johnny Cash Sings Ballads Of 19641964
14Orange Blossom Special 19641965
15Johnny Cash Sings The Ballads Of The True West 1959-651965
16Everybody Loves A Nut 1965-661966
17Happiness Is You 1962-651966
18Carryin' On With Johnny Cash and June Carter 1964-671967
19From Sea To Shining Sea 19671967
20Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison (live)19681968
21The Holy Land 19681968
22Johnny Cash At San Quentin (live)19691969
23Hello, I'm Johnny Cash 19691970
24The Johnny Cash Show 19701970
25I Walk The Line original soundtrack 19701970
26Little Fauss and Big Halsey original soundtrack 19701970
27Man In Black 19711971
28A Thing Called Love 1971-721972
29America - A 200-Year Salute In Story and Song 1970-721972
30Christmas - The Johnny Cash Family 19721972
31Any Old Wind That Blows 19721972
32The Gospel Road [2-CD]1971-721973
33Johnny Cash and His Woman 19731973
34Johnny Cash pa Osteraker19721973
35Ragged Old Flag 19741974
36The Junkie And The Juicehead Minus Me 1973-741974
37The Johnny Cash Children's Album 1971-731975
38Johnny Cash Sings Precious Memories 19741975
39John R. Cash 19741975
40Look At Them Beans 19751975
41Strawberry Cake (live) 19751976
42One Piece At A Time 1975-761976
43The Last Gunfighter Ballad 1975-761977
44The Rambler 19771977
45I Would Like To See You Again 1976-771978
46Gone Girl 1977-781978
47Silver 19791979
48Rockabilly Blues 1979-801980
49Classic Christmas 19801980
50The Baron 1980-811981
51The Survivors Johnny Cash + Jerry Lee Lewis + Carl Perkins (live)19811982
52The Adventures Of Johnny Cash 1981-821982
53Johnny 99 19831983
54Koncert V Praze - In Prague Live 19781983
56Highwayman - Waylon Jennings + Willie Nelson + Johnny Cash + Kris Kristofferson1984-851985
57Heroes with Waylon Jennings 1984-851986
58Highwayman 2 - Waylon Jennings + Willie Nelson + Kris Kristofferson + Johnny Cash19891990
59At Madison Square Garden (live)19692002
Bonus Discs:
60Johnny Cash With His Hot & Blue Guitar 1955-582012
61The Singles, Plus (2-CD)1958-852012


  1. I have a spare copy of this set - for the first FNB to buy me a pint!


    1. If you've still got it. Does it say anywhere in the booklet when the Pa Osteraker album was originally released ie more than 1973? I'm not an FNB but i'll get you a pint next time I'm in your neck of the woods.