Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday Night Boy Caption Competition!

I'll admit, I thought that intrepid reporter Terry Kelly had infiltrated a Bund meeting in Deckham until I saw the 'Cleadon Park' sign, so I suspect something less sinister afoot.

First prize if you're a guy: a copy of the Scoundrels' legendary unreleased live album, once described as 'enigmatic' by someone who hadn't heard it.

If you're a woman: a date with Paul.
Second prize: two dates with Paul.


  1. Man on L: Don't listen to his blather.
    Terry: I drink 14 pints a day - just like this . . . .

  2. Terry: Have you read my haiku on the last round at the Alison Arms?
    Man on L: If this ambulance chaser is bothering you, I'll take him outside...