Thursday, 19 January 2012

Last night's set list

At The habit, York: -

I'm Just A Loser
Is It Only The Moonlight?
Love Song
I Am A Child
Sugar Mountain
I Don't Want To Talk About It

On a night when I wasn't feeling at my best, the music had a healing effect.
Sugar Mountain was a a request from the host; IDWTTAI was a sort of encore, but I left them wanting more. Healed my blues with music.


  1. Good as this set list is, I'd like more contemporary artists featured by Da, such as Jo-Jam Filter, Madam Blavatsky, Peter Yare...

  2. He's coming over all Van Morrison with his hippy healing banter.

  3. You should get Jo Brand to open for you (as it were)...

  4. Wash your mouth out with soap & water