Monday 26 December 2011

Thomas Bewick


  1. Thomas Bewick is associated with Cherryburn, but he spent much of his life - and died - on the site of what is a now a bank in Gateshead high street. (There's a plaque to the great Bewick near the bank's hole-in-the wall cash dispenser.) Not many people know that...

  2. And we've had a drink in a building that was once his home and place of work, The Town Wall...

  3. Hello Friday Night Boys. Bewick moved to Gateshead in 1812 ie nearly two hundred years ago. We're hoping to organise some celebration and acknowledgement of this in the next twelve months. His Newcastle lodgings were near the Town Wall pub, look out for the the Chillingham Bull on the pavement beside the bus stop on Bewick Street.
    All this and more on the Bewick Society website