Sunday, 3 July 2011

Last night's set lists

At the Fulford Arms, York: -

Mellow My Mind
Is It Only The Moonlight?
Never Be Anyone Else But You
Heart Of Gold

Long May You Run
Love Song
Love (Lennon)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Don't let It Bring You Down
Find The Cost Of Freedom
Unknown Legend
Mind Your Own Business

On approaching the bar I was accosted by one Jim McCullough who was in town to celebarate the birthday of his sweetheart Carole. I was gobsmacked! This was after receiving nourishment chez Toole, so I was somewhat refreshed on arrival.

I'm sure I played more songs than this but I just can't remember.


  1. Happy 26th Carole!

  2. She told me 18!!!

    Brad Pitt.

  3. You were wearing your beer glasses.