Sunday, 13 December 2009

Starfish Graveyard

'Starfish Graveyard' In Norfolk After Storm

More than 10,000 starfish have died after being washed on to a beach along the Norfolk coast during a storm.

The creatures are thought to have gathered in the shallows to feed on mussels, before being swept ashore during high tide.

Nigel Croasdale, from Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary, told The Times the starfish would have only survived for a few hours without water.

"This type of thing may happen once a year, depending on the weather," he said.

"When the tide returns, the bodies are usually washed back into the sea."

A local resident described the scene on the beach as "a starfish graveyard".

Starfish feed by pushing their mouths out of their stomachs and digesting other sea creatures using enzymes.

If they lose one of their five arms they have the ability to grow it back.

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